Facials & Specialized Facials

facial Your skin is the biggest organ of your body. The structure of the skin is different in males & females,at various ages of one’s life, it changes according to lifestyle & habits, nutritional- and hormonal status and even in the different areas of a person’s face. Face mapping becomes important in order to address the primary problem. Our highly qualified beauty therapists will analyse your skin and recommend the most suitable facial treatment. Lasersure offers both general and specialized types of facials according to your preference and need. We offer a large variation of either Dermalogica, La Melle or Guinot hydradermie treatments

La Melle facials:

La Melle facial & deep cleanse will leave your skin radiant and cleansed.
Specialised La Melle facials will be selected for specific conditions, such as:

Acne: Scholar facial & deep cleanse

Anti-ageing: Anti-ageing facial with growth factors or Moisture boosting facial with Hyaluronic acid

Dehydrated skin: Hydrating X-treme, Transderm mesotherapy or Micro-dermabrasion Pigmentation: Age correct facial with Retinol or Illuminating facial with Vit. C.

Guinot facials Hydradermie double ionization or Hydradermie double ionization with MDA


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