Weight & Fat Pads


When no amount of exercise will reduce some fat pads such as those “banana rolls” below the bra, “love handles”, “saddle bags” and “muffin bellies”, lipo-dissolve injections in conjunction with Accent, Ultra V ultra-sound & radio-frequency, will be of value. Ultra-sound treatment has no real discomfort, but requires 6 or more treatments, at two weekly intervals.

Fat pad reduction Injections of safe, FDA approved, lipo-lytic solutions will effectively reduce fat pads. However, a degree of discomfort (in spite of, local anaesthetic cream) and some bruising are to be expected. The Ceccarelli solution is made up of Vitamin C and Fe (Iron). Providing, that you don’t have an allergy or sensitivity to either you may safely have the treatment. When injected, the solution acts on the fat cells and causes breakdown and “death” of the fat cells. This is not a treatment for obese patients, but rather for resistant fat “pads”.

These areas include: resistant tummy fat, “love handles”, saddle bags, inner thigh- or bra bulges, batwing arms and many more. Results are apparent as soon as the day after the treatment, but the most marked results are visible 2 weeks after the treatment. At least 4 treatments, at two week intervals are required.