Chemical peels work differently depending on their ingredients and technology. It is not a matter of “one peel suits all” Four to six superficial peels have the same results as one medium depth peel, but without the “down time” or side-effects.

Optimal results can only be expected with stringent post-peel care and use of sunblock.



Glycolic acid peels: 20%, 35%, 50% & 70%
Natural source – sugar cane
No visible peeling
For general anti-ageing, skin clarity, fine lines & wrinkles and superficial hyperpigmentation

Retinol Peel:


The advanced, physician-strength peel contains 3% Retinol plus Retinol Boosting Complex™ to exfoliate and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, help reduce acne, and improve skin laxity while promoting a bright, even and clear complexion.


Beta peel; 20% & 30% for hyperpigmentation, congested skin and acne
Beta Plus peel: suitable for less oily- and sensitive skin types
Natural source – Salicylic acid from the bark of the willow tree
The treatment will, especially with the first few treatments, cause some dryness of skin and flaking 

Retistore Peel

For acne, poor texture and hyperpigmentation, skin tightening, reduced skin firmness 7 fine lines.
Natural source – Retinol (Vitamin A) with a new revolutionary ingredient penetrating system
Safe on all skin types. No visible peeling, but fine flaking on days 2-5
It’s applied in a two-step process: first a five-minute preparation solution, and then a restoration solution that’s left on the skin even while you go home, for 6–12 hours afterwards. This treatment yields more long-term effects, which you’ll see gradually over the first 7 days.


Easy phytic peel:is a self-neutralising peel.
Natural source: glycolic acid, lactic acid, mandelic acid and phytic acid.
This potent antioxidant treatment, which mops up free radicals and helps to prevent post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is indicated for environmentally damaged skin, both teenage & adult acne, but is gentle enough for patients suffering from atopic dermatitis, rosacea. Suitable for all skin types.
Absolutely no downtime or visible peeling.

Easy TCA Peel: a medium depth peel.

Source: Tri-chloro-acetic acid
Suitable for photo ageing and its consequences, acne and post acne pigmentation problems (melasma, chloasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) ichtyosis, keratoses and letigines.
Not indicated for skin types IV to VI.
Visible peeling from day 3 to 7.