Lasersure is pleased to offer a laser treatment that minimizes the appearance of scars in just a few easy treatments, without surgery or downtime. This nonsurgical treatment option uses a fractional laser FDA-cleared for the treatment of scars, surgical scars and acne scars on the face and body. It’s a fast, easy procedure that’s appropriate for any skin type. Fractional laser light breaks down scar tissue & triggers healthy new tissue to form at the site so that the scar is more even in colour and texture, and it blends more naturally into surrounding skin.  Clients can resume their normal activities shortly after treatment.

Micro needling by means of a FDA approved DermaPenTM causes controlled micro damage to the skin to a depth of 1.5mm or more. This is done after application of topical anaesthetic cream for a period of 30-40 minutes and renders the treatment hardly painful. Platelet rich plasma from the client’s own blood is then placed onto and rolled into the skin. When the client leaves the skin is very red, but this settles over the following two days. Three treatments are required at 4-6 week intervals.

Platelets play a decisive role in wound healing. Platelets start secreting Growth factors within 10 minutes and continue to do so over the next 5-10 days.

During the tissue specific proliferative phase, stem cells migrate to the region resulting in fibroblasts and collagen deposition.

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