Acne has a very negative impact on self-confidence, especially during the vulnerable teenage years. Individualised packages are designed for acne. The age of the patient & severity of the condition will be evaluated, as well as the treatment already received.

A combination of the following treatments may be used:

  • Laser spot treatment,
  • i-Clear phototherapy with filter,
  • deep cleanse facial with high frequency treatment, as well as
  • Chemical Peels such as; La Melle Beta Plus peel, Skin Tech Easy Phytic peels,
  • suitable acne products & Acnevelle capsules. (Clearogen products give excellent results in hormone related acne and is safe during pregnancy and lactation).

Acne scars often impair people’s self-confidence. By performing controlled damage either by means of micro laser beams (Fractional laser) or mechanical by means of a DermapenTM, the body initiates a process of repair to the damaged cells. Collagen & elastin formation and restructuring are stimulated in the process, which in turn will improve scarring caused by acne.

Tri-active acne line anti-recurrence.

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